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The lower the stakes now, the more straightforward January will be. in the second week of January will meet his/her justice, according to the astrology , in March . However, I have Panacea 21° in Sagittarius, Mars 22° in Taurus and Cupido 21° in Pisces. March 27, at am.

Venus and Mercury which is lord of the Sub period which was running during May Now come to Second Question: When will have child? For child we have to see which sign is placed in 5 th house in Navamsa Chart.

Now we have to see what Saturn signifies and that we have to see from Birth Chart. Saturn is placed in 6 th house [Saturn is lord of the houses 10 th house Capricorn sign and 11 th house Aquarius sign , Saturn is in constellation of Moon, Moon is placed in 6 th house [Moon is lord of the 4 th house Cancer sign ], Saturn is aspecting to 8, 12, 3 house by it 3,7,10 aspect. From Advanced Consideration.

Saturn is placed in Gemini Navamsa in Navamsa Chart.

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Therefore, Mercury 7 3,6 Calculation is taken from birth chart. Saturn here signifies 11 th house so child is promised in this horoscope. Major period of Rahu is signifying 11 th house through its constellation and sub period of Ketu is signifying 5 th house through its constellation. Transiting Jupiter was passing through Aries sign from 1 st house and was aspecting to 5 th house of child and progeny. Separate rule by purpose 4.

Return to Mother Land a.

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For visit b. For settlement Foreign Going Rules: Part 1 1. It's also found valid in 99 charts out of foreign settlement charts. Events relating Ninth House. Events relating Twelfth House.

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However foreign going seems by the 12th CSL signification of 3,9. Even for the basic foreign going rule, there are different rules.

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So the application of common rules for other categories of foreign going may be an illusion. Any comment or discussion to learn KP only. They are 1. Location approach is not statistically supported.

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Pandu's approach. This is a case of obtaining G.

8th house for marriage or divorce in KP

C while the applicant is already in USA. Most of the queries relate to success or fulfilment of querent's desire - getting a job, getting a visa, having a child, getting marriage, having a vehicle, having a house etc. Green card is fixed period settlement in foreign land whereas citizenship is a permanent foreign settlement.

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The great scholar K. Krishnamurthi found that why many a times planets fail to offer its own results. He was the first man to quote that planets offer results of its nakshatra lord star lord other than giving its own results and this was the reason that why Parashari practising Astrologers could not predict right everytime.

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He cleared the myths of debilitation and exhaltation of planets rather he made a more systematic and logical approach to understand the nature of planets using the concepts of its nakshatras and sublords. There are not too many concepts in K. System its just based on House significators,the Planet significators ,concept of ruling planets, the role of sub-lord which Krishnamurthi says it to be the supremo and the dasas systems are the same old vimshottari dasha system based on the progession of moon. So, here is the video documentation which comprehends all the rules of K.