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The lower the stakes now, the more straightforward January will be. in the second week of January will meet his/her justice, according to the astrology , in March . However, I have Panacea 21° in Sagittarius, Mars 22° in Taurus and Cupido 21° in Pisces. March 27, at am.

British passport holders have until the end of the week to make sure they will still be able to travel to The House of Commons will sit on Saturday after next week's crunch EU summit for the first time since the Queen of the high street! Kate Middleton steps out in Jigsaw culottes and a Warehouse jumper for a visit to Blondes really do have more fun! Beaming Kate Middleton unveils new sun-kissed hair during Natural History Couple hosted billionaire philanthropist Meghan Markle is seen beaming and giggling as she's 'crowned' with an Instagram filter in unseen footage Millionaire's son, 26, won't face justice for threatening yacht club barman with fake gun after being Grieving mother, 63, dies of 'broken heart' less than 24 hours after speaking out at inquest for her Furious Donald Trump calls going into the Middle East 'the worst decision ever made' and demands Turkey take I fought Isis beside our heroic Kurdish allies Heartbreaking moment Hessy the humpback whale's 32ft carcass is hauled from the Thames - as scientist says Is this THE jacket of autumn?

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Leave EU apologises and deletes 'racist' tweeted picture of Angela Merkel that said 'We didn't win two world A day of change! Three million Brexit 50p coins with 'peace and prosperity' inscription will be put into The forgotten palaces: Eerie video gives glimpse of the luxury lifestyles once enjoyed in north London's Finally, students investigate a particular vision or threat of apocalypse—or of its survival. Less than a lifetime passed between the publication of the first scientific paper about space exploration and the launch of the first satellite into low-Earth orbit Twelve years later, Apollo astronauts walked on lunar soil.

Given the incredible momentum that thrust humans into space in the 20 th century, why does humanity remain an earthbound species? How do we confront the obstacles to and consequences of humans reaching beyond Earth? In this Writing Seminar we explore the history, economics, and science behind human endeavors in space.

We begin by weighing the complex legacy of Wernher von Braun, an engineer whose work provided Nazi Germany with guided missiles and NASA with rockets capable of reaching the Moon. Next, we turn to current ventures in space-based industries as students draw on economics, engineering, and international studies to analyze the viability and profitability of asteroid mining. For the research project, students investigate the implications of humans engineering their environments—or reengineering themselves—to live off-world in the future.

Potential topics range from the application and ethics of genetic engineering to the restructuring of communities and habitats as envisioned by the Mars Society or in sci-fi like The Expanse. From Disney movies to the pet industry, animals are captivating figures. Yet they are also captive test subjects in scientific laboratories and raw material in factory farms.

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Our deep fascination with animals leads us to place some on pedestals while others are locked away or systematically slaughtered. How do we explain such complicated, inconsistent attitudes toward animals? How do we draw boundaries between animals and humans? We turn next to the Bronx Zoo as we explore current exhibits and their designs, as well as historical documents and financial data, in order to analyze the institution and visitor experiences through economic, philosophical, and zoological perspectives.

Increasingly, we live in—and often have a hand in creating—a confessional culture, with virtual platforms like Instagram or Finstagram and Facebook at our fingertips, where we can divulge our own secrets and consume those of others whenever and wherever we want. How are such virtual confessions related to those made to priests or therapists?

How does intimacy or anonymity affect the nature of our confessions? What is the relationship between truth-telling and confessing? In this Writing Seminar, we explore the multiple meanings and media of confession. Next, we examine the relationship between confessions and policing, focusing on the infamous case of the Central Park Five while drawing on recent scholarship in criminal law, media studies, and psychology.

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For the research paper, students develop an original argument about confession and identity. Swine flu. While these and other communicable diseases are biological phenomena, our efforts to contain them reveal a preoccupation with enforcing literal and metaphorical boundaries. What are the limits of biomedical terminology in describing nonbiological threats?

First, we read government and media communications about Ebola and Zika to rethink conceptions of health and disease. Next, we examine fiction, film, and television series, like Outbreak and The Walking Dead , which deploy infection as a metaphor for cultural contamination. For the research project, students develop an argument about the spread of an actual outbreak, like cholera, or a cultural or technological phenomenon that evokes contagious imagery.

Board of Education ruled school segregation unconstitutional. What are the consequences of these investments in the classroom and beyond? For the research project, students investigate a program or technology that aims to increase equity in education. Possible topics include the Prison-to-College Pipeline, Khan Academy online lessons, and income-share tuition schemes.

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Finally, students translate their research findings into pedagogical tools. Every day we encounter innumerable choices, from which toothpaste we use to how we navigate a career. This Writing Seminar examines the complex social, cultural, and technological dynamics of decision-making today. To what extent do we know what we choose when we are choosing, and when are we being manipulated by advertisements, big data, or nudges? In what ways do aspects of our identity—such as race, gender, or generation—change how we make and process decisions?

What are the emotional, financial, and social benefits—and costs—of these choices? Next, we investigate the rise of self-driving cars and their implications in fields as varied as philosophy, law, engineering, and computer science. For the final research essay, students will engage a debate about decision-making on a topic of their choice, such as cooperative robots, Hamlet, or implicit bias in facial recognition software. What might fantastical narratives suggest about the borders between ourselves and others? We begin by examining dark cinematic fairy tales, such as Spirited Away and The Shape of Water , that challenge us to reevaluate our understanding of human diversity.

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Next, we turn to middle-school curricula and school-going characters like Hermione Granger, Percy Jackson, and the X-Men as we question the role of fantastic narratives in the socialization and education of children. Finally, students identify an instance of the fantastic and investigate its social or cultural implications. Indiana Jones is adamant: historical objects belong in a museum so we can properly study the past. Thus, the Parthenon frieze finds itself in no fewer than eight European museums, while the Parthenon temple still stands in Athens, separated from the frieze that communicates its meaning.

What happens to our understanding of the past when its physical remains are removed from their original context? How do we set about making sense of a fragmented past? For the research project, students investigate a specific case of their choosing to illuminate a larger debate or puzzle regarding the fragmented past, for example: the Euphronios krater and the repatriation of antiquities, the intentional destruction of heritage sites and the rise of non-state actors like ISIS, or Nazi monuments in contemporary Germany.

The United Nations estimates that in a global population of 10 billion will require twice as much food as the world does today. At the same time, scientists project climate change will reduce yields of agriculture, livestock, and fisheries.

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As food systems become less able to meet demand, how will humans continue to nourish an ever-growing population in the long term? What will this mean for established modes of distribution? And how can we ensure equitable access? Next, we examine a historic example of a food catastrophe, the Swedish Famine, by attending to its climatic and political causes, effects on emigration and epigenetics, and cultural memory. For the research project, students identify and investigate a food source issue that will affect the food system in the near future, placing its future production and distribution in its ecological, economic, or sociocultural context.

Topics could range from vertical farming in Newark, to the ethics of lab-grown meat, to moratoriums on traditional whale hunting. King Tut loved the board game Senet. Today, gamification——applying game-design elements in other contexts to boost productivity——is a thriving field.

Yet games may also have a dark side to their addictive power, substituting short-term pleasure for long-term fulfillment. How do we reconcile the benefits of gamification with its potential risks? Next, we analyze the famous case of Monopoly, drawing on history, economics, psychology, and narrative theory to illuminate everything from the making of its rules to its reception over time and its status as a brand.

For the research paper, students identify and investigate a gaming phenomenon and make an argument about its wider cultural, political, or scientific implications. Owner at White Light Events. Holistic Therapist at Shadows Therapy. Vendors from all across the globe will gather here to showcase a wide range of products and services such as Books, Tarot, Oracle, Spiritual Cards, Greeting cards, Crystal Lamps, Fairies, Angels, Pagan and Wiccan items, photography services, Essential Oils, Witches, Clothing and many more.

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